4/2019 California Public Utilities Commission: From Cradle to Grave Management of Photovoltaics, Electric Vehicle Batteries, and Energy Storage Batteries

4/2019, National Academies of Sciences

4/2019 AAG, Washington, DC

11/2016 Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University

6/2016 Association of Environmental Studies & Sciences, Washington, DC

4/2016 Association of American Geographers, San Francisco, CA

1/2016 Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Nevada City, CA

5/2015 Santa Clara University

6/2015 Association of Environmental Studies & Sciences, San Diego, CA

8/2014 Energy literacy activities to explore socioecological vulnerability and resilience in renewable energy transitions. Ecological Society of America, Sacramento, CA

4/2014 Association of American Geographers, Tampa, FL

4/3/2014 University of San Francisco, SF, CA.

10/12/2013 Society for the Social Studies of Science, San Diego, CA

4/12/2013 Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, CA

10/25/2012 Climate Change and Development, UCSC

6/22/2012 Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Santa Clara

4/1/2012 International Studies Association, San Diego

2/24/2012 Association of American Geographers, NYC

2/17/2012 Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative, UC Berkeley

2/13/2012 Energy Policy & Politics, UC Santa Cruz

2/7/2012 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, Colorado University, Boulder, CO

12/5/2012 Sustainability Matters Series, San Jose State

11/4/2011 Social Studies of Science, Cleveland

10/28/2011 Environmental Studies Department Seminar, Santa Clara University

10/13/2011 Sustainability Engineering & Ecological Design, UC Santa Cruz

10/3/2011 SRI in the Rockies, New Orleans

9/26/2011 Henderson Investors, London

9/13/2011 SIRAN investor briefing

8/24/2011 Panetta Institute, Marina, CA

6/29/2011 SEED Summer Institute SC, CA

6/26/2011 Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Burlington, VT

6/15/2011 PV Recycling Forum Palo Alto

5/4/2011 Monterey Green Building

4/28/2011 Environmental Justice Seminar, UC Santa Cruz

4/21/2011 Product Stewardship Council

4/20/2011 Energy Law UC Santa Cruz

4/13/2011 Association of American Geographers, Seattle

4/6/2011 Environmental Studies, San Jose State

3/23/2011 University of Arizona, Geography

3/15/2011 Resilience Phoenix

3/10/2011 UC Berkeley, Environmental Policy Seminar

2/24/2011 Texas A&M Geography

2/19/2011 DOPE University of Kentucky

2/15/2011 Santa Clara University

2/3/2011 Penn State Geography

12/2/2010 University of Nevada, Las Vegas

11/1/2010 UC Santa Cruz

8/24/2010 Social Studies of Science, Tokyo

7/1/2010 Global Environmental Justice, East Anglia, Norwich, UK

6/17/2010 Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Portland

5/21/2010 American Solar Energy Society, Phoenix

5/5/2010 Green Jobs Washington DC

4/9/2010 UC Berkeley